Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Akashic Records
What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the archives of every soul and its journey through all lifetimes...past, present and future.  They are a vibrational recording that contains everything every soul has ever thought, said or done over the course of its existence as well as all its future possibilities. Accessing the Akashic Records sheds light on challenges, circumstances and issues at the soul level, creating shifts that realign and enlighten.  The Akashic Records provide sound spiritual insight and reveal the gifts of each soul. The Akashic Records are sometimes known as "The Book of Life" or "The Book of Remembrance".  They are vibrational recordings of each soul's unique blueprint of patterns and purposes.  Learn more about the infinite possibilities that are available to you through the Akashic Records. Through the Akashic Records you can develop a more conscious relationship with your inner-most self at the soul level.


Why you want to get an Akashic Record Reading

 from Marti and/or John Browne

  • To overcome an obstacle or challenge you are experiencing in your life
  • To have assistance in a physical, emotional and/or spiritual area of your life
  • To have an ancestral clearing
  • To discover your past lives and how they can influence your current life
  • To resolve issues from your past lives that are unresolved
  • To discover your soul's contracts and purposes
  • To get direction on major decisions you would like to make
  • To get answers regarding questions you have
  • To get freedom from limiting patterns and beliefs
  • To resolve a current life difficulty
  • To discover your life's purposes, gifts and talents
  • To discover your soul's perfection using the power of your sacred wounds
  • To discover your connection to people places and even pets and why they are in your life
  • To get a reading for an animal you own
  • To get a reading for a house, property or business you own
  • Just for the curiosity of what you would discover from having an Akashic Record reading

 Marti and John Browne's Qualifications:

  • Certified Akashic Records Practitioners through the Center for Akashic Studies - Linda Howe's Akashic Studies Center
  • Trained by Linda Howe in Healing through the Akashic Records
  • Uses Linda Howe's The Pathway Prayer Process® to access the Heart of the Akashic Records
  • Success Coaches
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapists and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioners
  • Certified Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) & Time Empowerment Practitioners
  • Certified Reiki Masters/Teachers
To schedule an appointment for an Akashic Record Reading either by phone or in person:
CALL or TEXT: Marti and John Browne- 760-265-1054
Payment is accepted in advance through PayPal for phone consultations.
Once appointment is scheduled an invoice is sent through PayPal to you.

*Please note, consultations are not a substitute for medical, psychological, legal, or financial advice.